Life Support - Ultimate Survival Gear LLC
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Life Support Ultimate Survival Gear LLC

Life Support - Ultimate Survival Gear (Patent Pending)
Made in the USA

Our Mission
At Life Support - Ultimate Survival Gear LLC we continue striving to provide the outdoor enthusiast or survivalist with the highest quality survival gear at prices that are affordable to everyone.  We want our customers to have the maximum advantage if they are caught in a survival situation with little or nothing else. There is nothing that a person can carry that guarantees their survival but we believe our line of products can give a hiker, camper, skier, hunter or anyone an enormous advantage for survival with the smallest amount of preparation and virtually no inconvenience. Our products give you the choice of how to carry “Survival” with you at all times.

Our History
We are a family run business that began 2013 when the idea of the Survival "POD" gear came to life.  At the beginning there was much trial and error to be done before the Patent Pending product as it exists today was brought to our customers.  Once we felt it was ready…it didn't take long for our idea to catch on with survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. We are growing rapidly as the word of our innovative survival gear spreads.  One of our products the Survival "POD" Bracelet was used by Les Stroud, on his "Suvivorman" 2014 Premier Episode Grenada. We thank all of our customers and supporters and look forward to many more years of growth and improvement in our company and in our product.

Our Guarantee
Hopefully you will never need to use our survival gear, however if you find yourself in an emergency situation which requires you to use it, please send us your story of how you used it to improve your situation and we will replace the bracelet or key chain free of charge.

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