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Is the "Survival POD" waterproof?
The team at Life Support has spent many hours developing and improving our compartmentalization process for the "Survival POD".  A major focus of these efforts have been to try to make the POD more water resistant.  This includes various wrapping and packaging techniques including, including a vacuum sealing process.  Successful testing has been done with excellent performance after rain testing and with swim and dunk tests but we DO NOT classify our products as waterproof...only water resistant.  Our goal is to provide a product that will provide the person carrying it with the maximum survival advantage.  With this goal in mind we include crucial gear that will effectively assist in survival under varying circumstances and do our best to keep the gear in the most effective condition.  We do recommend that efforts are made to keep the survival bracelet dry whenever possible to ensure the best results. 
Are the matches truly waterproof?
In our efforts to provide the best gear possible in our product we have done testing on several major brands of "waterproof" matches.  What our testing has shown is that that most waterproof matches are not completely waterproof under all circumstances.  Waterproof matches have a waxy substance over them that will allow water to run off and they will strike under some circumstances when wet.  However, sustained exposure to water can negatively impact the matches and also the striker surface.  If water is absorbed through the stick portion of the match they can become soft and not strike-able. If the striker becomes wet it can also become flexible and less than adequate to strike a match.  With this in mind...we have made every effort to keep the matches dry and in perfect working order.  If you do however, find yourself in a situation where the matches have become damp or even wet, you may be able to use them if you can dry them out before attempting to light them.  If circumstances permit, it is suggested that you take them out of the packaging as carefully as possible.  Try to avoid crushing or damaging the striker and/or the heads of the matches.  Lay them out in the sun to dry.  If this is not possible, it may be possible to dry them by placing them carefully in water absorbent material until enough moisture is absorbed to bring them back to viability.  
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